Some times we wonder if there are other and better ways to Trim, Edit Pictures and videos and even create simple animated videos from pictures.

The answer to this is not far fetched. Recently I stumbled into a very nice tool, called  Founded in 2018, with a group of technomaniacs, leverages the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision to deliver a wide range of products that make your life much easier and your work more productive.

They have a line of products but the one that captured my attention was the Background removal from Photos, Videos, watermark removal from watermark pictures and videos. just with a click the job is neatly done. This tool is for both novice and Professionals for creative work and finishing, recommended for Designers, UI/UX Designers, Web Designers, Graphic Expert, Web creators/Developers, Artist and the likes.

Below are what you can do with this amazing AI Tool. Try it out.

AI Removal Tools

Result/Output of Photo Animer


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